Sip on a nice texture cup of Sister Bruce Roasters Coffee this afternoon along with a delicious fruit tart or freshly baked pastry. We coupled the artisanal Rocket Machine with Sister Bruce Roaster’s Coffee beans. Bringing you an aromatic coffee delight.

The Blended Pair – by Sister Bruce Roasters 40% Colombian Supremo 60% El Salvador Bourbon with a well-balanced acidity, sweet roasted peanut body, ending with a dark cocoa finish.

The one-of-a-kind Rocket Machine beautifully made by hand with meticulous care has arrived! We are excited to roll out more aromatic coffee for everyone with this beauty!

The roasting process focuses on bringing out the unique natural flavours of the bean. They design their own roasting temperature profiles to optimise the development time needed. Slowly and patiently evoking the best flavours from the bean.

These Rocket machines are carefully hand assembled in Italy. The craftsmanship made Rocket Expresso some of the most desired expresso machines in the world. The attention to detail is just impeccable!